Saturday, 22 March 2014

Victorias Secret Love Spell Hand And Body Lotion Review

Today's blog isn't about Holly. It's a review on the Victoria's Secret Love Spell body and hand lotion.

My parents went to Florida last year, and they got me the set of 3 love spell collection. You get a hand and body lotion, shimmer lotion and a body splash. I have been using the body splash and shimmer lotion for a while now, but only recently I have been using the body and hand lotion, and it's amazing!!

This is what it looks like above. I love the packaging. I think the dark purple moving to pink with gold writing is lovely looking. It's 200ml so it's quite big. As this was a present I'm not sure how much it was. But I'm sure it's easy enough to get online or in store.

The reason I like it, is that it's just so creamy but very light all at the same time. I have been known to rub this on my hands then rub on my face. Now it is quite strongly scented. So if you have sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend this for your face. However my skin isn't sensitive, so my skin is fine with it.

So it's a light purple colour and as I said it's very creamy but light. It's smooth, so I find it quite relaxing to just rub into my hands. It says on the pack it's cherry blossom and peach scented. However I would say it smells more like peach.

Overall this is an awesome product. When my parents are back over this year. I will be asking them to get me more as this won't last long lol. Seriously recommend for anyone to go but this.

L x


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