Sunday, 20 July 2014

10 Questions About Us

1. How old is Holly - she will be 18 months on the 27th of July. 

2. Have you always wanted kids - haha no! I hated kids growing up. I was very awkward with them and just didn't know what to do. How times have changed!! 

3. Does Holly have siblings - yes, she has a 4 year old step brother called Harry

4. Does Holly have any allergies - not that have appeared yet. 

5. Does Holly have her ears pierced? - no she can get them pierced when she asks. 

6. Breast fed or bottle fed? - I breast fed Holly for a while. But I struggled to make enough milk so she swapped to bottles. 

7. Did/does Holly have a dummy? - no holly doesn't have a dummy. She had a dummy for 3 weeks I think when she was first born. 

8. Have you ever dyed your hair? - yes lots but I always got back to natural blonde. 

9. Hopes for Holly? - I hope she does what ever she wants to do. If she wants to go to college and uni great. If she wants to go straight into a job great. As long as she is happy. 

 10. Will Holly have any siblings? - fingers crossed!! After my wedding, I would love to have a HUGE family!! 

If you have anything to ask let me know :) 

Speak soon lovelies <3
L x

Cheese Pasta With Broccoli Toddler Recipe

Well Hello!!

For a while, it was hard to get Holly to eat any sort of pasta. But recently I have been trying to add different flavours to get her back into eating it. 

So here is one of the recipes I have been making for her and it seems to be working. 

For quickness during the week I used a packet of cheese sauce by Colemans. 

It's just a powder cheese sauce which you add to your pan, then you add the 250ml of milk. But you need to add just a little at a time and continuously stir. If you add it all at once and don't stir, it will go lumpy. This all takes about 5mins. 

Once the sauce is cooked, cook the pasta just like normal. Boiling water, pasta cooked for about 7mins. 

I then steam my broccoli for about 7-10mins or just until tender. 

Chop into small pieces and add to my pasta. Then add my sauce, some cheese and voila!! 
It's an easy great recipe as adults can eat this as well. So it's great for all the family. 

Let me know if you try it out 

Speak soon lovelies. 
L x

Our Week In Photos 14th-20th of July14

Well Hello!! 

Holly's personality is really coming out this week. At the end of this month she will be 18 months, and I think the terrible 2's maybe coming early!! 

When her juice bottle or crisp bowl is empty it will get thrown full pelt across the room. If you say no, she will shake her head at you to say no back and do it anyway!! Lol. Then when you bring her back to the room, she will lay on the floor crying. Yes the kicking and screaming on the floor has started!! 

Anyway, let's get into this week :)

Monday- Here is Holly in her harness. Let's just say she's still not too impressed with it lol

Tuesday- Just having some juice at grans. 

Wednesday- A squirrel was caught red pawed, eating my strawberries. 

Thursday- Holly got a magazine with a flute!! She can actually use it that's the scary thing! My ears are bleeding! 

Friday- She had a lovely short and strappy top all in one on. But it was cold!! So she has her rabbit jumper on :) 

Saturday- Had to put this up! How awesome is this cake?! I love it. Very summery. 

Sunday- Someone loved Nutella on toast hahahaha 

I hope you all had a great week. 

Speak soon lovelies
L x

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Holly Haul

Well hello!!

Today we went to our local shopping centre and Holly was very lucky! 

Not only did she get a lot out of the next sale (ordered online tbh. Have you been in next during a sale!!!) and 2 new pairs of shoes. 

I will post another one once all her clothes come in. 

But her shoes she got today are just too cute. 

First she went in to Clarks to get her feet measured and got these. 

She is a baby big foot with a size 4 1/2 G!! Baby fat feet lol. 

Then we headed over to schuh and she for these adorable hello kitty van shoes. 

Mark will kill me as he doesn't like van. But hello!! They are Hello Kitty!! How could I not get them.

I hope you all have a great weekend. 

Speak soon 
L x

Friday, 18 July 2014

Scone Recipe

Well Hello!

Today I am going to give you all my Scone Recipe and surprisingly I have actually done this from scratch. 

Here are my ingredients 
-450g of plain flour
-pinch of salt
-10g baking powder
-55g of butter
-250ml of milk 

Normally I would just use a scone pack which I do recommend if you are strapped for time. I recommend the Asda Chosen By You one. Being a working mum I need all the help I can get. I love to bake but sometimes trying to find the time is impossible. 

But today Holly had been staying at her grans and I hadn't picked her up yet. So I had plenty of time to start from scratch. 

Here we have the flour, baking powder and salt l mixed together. I just put then all in at the same time. 
Here I have added my butter and I will cream in the butter with my fingers until I get a crumbly consistency. 
Next I have added in the milk and I will mix this in with my spoon :)
 Here I have flowered my surface and got my dough into a sort of round shape. Next I will roll it out. 
Roll it out till it's about 1 inches thick. 
I don't have a round cookie or scone cutter so I used my cups :) worked just fine. 
During all of the above I had my oven 180c fab assisted. 
I cooked these for 15-20mins. Until golden brown 

Here is my lovely finished product with some butter and jam on them. Mmmmm 

I still have a long way to go to perfect this recipe. But for now it tastes good, so that's good enough for me :) 

Speak soon lovelies <3
L x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Potato, Squash and Carrots Toddler Recipe

Well Hello!! 

I found this recipe in Asda. They do a lovely carrot and squash extra special dish. It's like a side dish I think. But Holly loves it!!!

So I though that I could try making it myself. 

So here are my ingredients 

X1 squash
X4 carrots
X 4 potatoes

To prepare the squash you want to cut it in half and clean it out. Pre heat the oven at 200c. Slice diagonal lines into it. Not all the way through. Just in the fleshy middle bit. Then rub olive oil over it (or what ever oil you use) 
Cook for 20mins. 

Next you want peel the carrots and potatoes. I didn't peel the potatoes this time as they were baby ones. But if I were to use the normal Maris piper ones, then I would peel those. 
Next I added the potatoes and carrots to the same pot and boiled them until the were soft enough to mash. Mine took about 20mins. 

Here are the cooked veg. As you can see the squash is soft enough for just a fork to scrape it out. 

I scraped both sides of the squash into the bowl with the potatoes and carrots. I then added about 25g worth of butter. You can add as much butter as you like.  It all just depends how buttery you like it. I added a small amount of pepper and no salt. Then I started mashing. 

I made a lot more than intended lol. So if you aren't planning on freezing this, then you could probably half this recipe. 

Here is a sample of the finished result. I give this to Holly as a dinner. But adults can have this as a side dish with dinner as well. 

Since I made a lot, it all got potted and frozen for future lunches or dinners. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post. 
Let me know if you try it out :) 

Speak soon lovelies <3

L x

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Indian Cuircus Product Review

Well hello!!

If you remember a few weeks back, I done a post on a glasses case and a wallet that I was gifted from the company Indian circus. 

Well here is the review!!

I have been using these 2 items for about 2 weeks now and I love them!! The patterns are different from anything I have seen over here. I have been complimented on my wallet a few times as well. People are interested and asking where I got it. 

They are really good quality and you can tell with how good the stitching is an how good it feels. 

The wallet holds a lot of stuff haha. It holds all my cards and all my money (not that I have lots lol). It has a good compartment for notes and a good zippy part for your coins. 

It has a magnetic clip on the front which I didn't think would hold it, an there's nothing worse than a purse that won't stay shut. However it holds really well!! Nothing has been found rolling about the bottom of my bag yet. 

The glasses case is actually for reading glasses or such like. But I have been using it for my sunglasses and it does the job perfectly. It has again a lovely pattern on the outside and a lovely purple soft material inside. Perfect for protecting my glasses in my bag while out and about. 

Overall I think these products are lovely and well worth the money!! Definetly recommend them to any one looking for a wallet. They do a lot more products you can check them out here at 

As I stated at the beginning. I was gifted these items but all opinions are my own and have came about after using the products for a period of time. 

Speak soon lovelies 
L x