Monday, 25 May 2015

Hollys Third Hair Cut

Hello lovelies,

Today is Holly's third hair cut. Here is what it looks like before.
I am going to get it bobbed to just below her shoulders, or maybe a proper bob I'm not sure yet!! You will see below what I chose. She has a double crown and makes it hard to get her hair to look nice!! An she has this frizzy bit on the right hand side. Looks like that everyday. Unless you wash it first thing. We use conditioner in it as well so I'm not sure. 

Here is the after photo!! 
The back is all squared
She can see again!! And it's straight! Haha. 

I have been trimming her hair myself. But I think now I will just be taking her every 6 weeks or so to get it tidied up. Looks so much better. 

How long to you wait between hair cuts? 
L x

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Guinea With No Hernia update 24.05.15

Well hello loves!!

Little Marvin is doing amazingly!!! 

Went to see the vet today and his wound is looking good. 

I haven't seen him at it at all. It's nice and scabby which means it is healing. There is a small swelling which is his body reacting to the inside stitches. 

He is still on all his meds until I run out of them by which point he won't be needing them.

I am just so happy he's back to being ok. An once he is healed in a few weeks. Plan for a Mrs Marvin can go a head!! 

Have any of you had these worries with animals?

Speak soon 
L x

Book Review - Divergent Series

 Well hello my lovelies!!

I have just finished the Divergent series and I have a huge mixture of emotion swirling about just now!! 

I love all 3 story lines. The first book being my favourite and the third my least. I love the way it's written! But I just craved the first book all the way through the third. 

I will try not put out any spoilers!! But I will let you know if I do with a big SPOILER ALERT!! 

The divergent series is about a post apocalyptic world where everyone stays in a city surrounded by a wall. There are factions Which are Candour - always speaks the truth, Erudite - craves knowledge, Abnegation - selfless always helping others before themselves, Dauntless - the protesters of the city and then the Frictionless - they don't fit in anywhere!! 

Divergent is about our main character Beatrice Prior changing factions from Abnegation to dauntless. It follows her through her initiation to get into dauntless. She finds out things about herself that she needs to keep secret unless she wants to die at the hands of the Erudite and her falling in love for the first time. 

This explanation does not do this book justice!! You just need to go have a look at it. Because it is amazing!!

The second book Insurgent follows Tris again from just after the big event at the end of the first book. She is on the run with a small group of people.  She has to over come grief and guilt from loosing people she loves. She has to also over come fears with trying to fight for her life! 

Again amazing book, you really just need to have a look at it. 

The third book Allegiant is a bit different as you get both Tris's view and Tobias's view. This follows Tris from escaping the event at the end of book 2 (I don't want to give anything away lol) and into a totally new world. She has to come to terms with some truths, figure out her feelings for Tobias while still coping with grief and a lot and I mean a lot of anger this time. 

There are a few big shocks in this book!!! Stuff I didn't expect to happen. I loved this book but found myself craving how things were in book one. 


Don't read this but if you don't want the books spoilt for you. 

I don't like how it's yet another government experimenting on people. I wanted the city to just be how it was and have another shocking turn of I don't know maybe mutilated people outside the wall or diseased people or something. I just think the whole government experimenting on people is a bit redundant. I craved for the city to be just how it was and that was it. 

But I would give the first 2 books ���������� 5 starts and the third book �������� 4 stars. 

Do any of you know of dystopian books that a government isn't involved in??! And there is no experimenting lol let me know!!

Hope you all enjoyed speak soon 
L x

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Guinea With No Hernia Update 23.05.15

Well hello loves,

Where do I even start!!

Marvin went back to the vets on Friday the 22.05.12 as his wound had went a horrible grey colour and it was smelly

The vet at the time gave me three options, 1. Got to the Dick Vets in Edinburgh to see a specialist 2. Put him to sleep 3. Take him back on Saturday and see what they could do in house with the original vet. But he will probably die anyway. 

As you can imagine I was not a happy bunny!!

He was acting normal. You would not know he had something wrong with him except for when you picked him up. He was his normal self. There was no way I was putting him to sleep. 

So we went back into see the vet at 9:00am on Saturday morning and the think that because they left a hole for drainage, that he has actually been peeing through it and that it has scaled the skin. There for making it die off. 

So they took him straight back in to sort it all out. 

I got a phone call at 2pm telling me he was fine and that they had moved some muscle to make sure things were flowing in the right direction, done some inside stitches and glued the wound shut. As you know he chewed his last stitches out. 

I got him home and at the moment he is doing awesomely well!! He is peeing and pooing. He has been out of his house and has been eating veg, pellets and hay. So I am very happy with him so far. He has had all his meds and I have cleaned his wound. 

We are back at the vets Sunday 24.05.15 to get his post op check. I just hope he hasn't been chewing at his wound. 

Do any of you have any tips?

Speak soon 
L x

Holly's Outfit Of The Day

Well hello lovelies

It is Saturday again and holly had her Baby Ballet class. 

Here is what she wore! 
Today she had a top on saying pretty little flower. She got this for her birthday and it's from F&F. Not sure of the price as I don't think you can get it anymore. 

Her trousers are from gap but again they were £7 but I'm not sure if you can still get these. 

Shoes are frozen from Asda £6

Speak soon lovelies. 
L x

Friday, 22 May 2015

Guinea With No Hernia Update

Well hello lovelies,

Here is our 3rd update on Marvin. 

I got up at 5:50am on Thursday to clean his wound and give him his bed and he had chewed out his bottom stitched, and looked bruised. 

By the time I got home he had chewed out all his stitches. So the wound was open. Luckily we had the vets same day at 4pm. 

As you can imagine that was pretty scary looking but the vet seems happy with it. It looks worse than it is, as there is another layer of stitched under the ones he chewed out and these have began to heal and knit together. 

So now all we need to do is keep the wound clean and hope it heals from the inside out. 

He is currently on
Emeprid 0.9ml and Ranitidine 0.3ml there's are two digestive starters. Guinea pigs are like rabbits, their digestive system needs to be constantly moving or they get bloat. He was eating but not as much as he normally eats. An it was only his veg and hay. So they gave him these to get him interested in his food again. 

Metacam 0.1ml this is a typical animal painkiller. 

Baytril 0.3ml this is an antibiotic. It is used to remove stubborn bacteria like staph and pseuds. It is effective on both gram negative and positive bacteria. It works by stopping the bacteria from transcribing which in turn kills the bacteria. 

His last treatment is a Iodine wash. This is to bathe the open wounds and hope that it keeps it from getting infected. I put this on cotton pads to dab and clean the outside. Then I put some in a syringe and I squirt it into the top of the wound and let it run down through it. 

His next appointment is on Saturday at 12pm. So I will update everyone again then :) 

Do you have any advice for me?
Speak soon 
L x

Curry Recipe For Kids And Adults

Hi lovelies

Today I'm going to give you all a recipe for chicken curry which can be made for adults or kids. 

All you need is 
Chicken breast cut up and cooked. This is four chicken breasts cut up into small pieces and cooked until they are firm to the touch. I cooked them on a medium heat with a little oil for 20mins. 

Once they are cooked add 4 heaped table spoons of curry granules to a mixing jug. Then add hot boiled water till you reach your preferred thickness. 

Add this to your cooked chicken turn down to a low heat and cook for a further 30mins. 

During this 30mins that's when I make which ever rice I have in the house. 

Just before I add the rice to the chicken and sauce. I split them into two batches. One for holly with no chili. Then I add one pot of chili to the second batch for Mark. 

The curry sauce is good for kids as its more of a fruity sauce and holds no heat. That's why the chili pot is needed for Mark. 

Let me know if you try this recipe and let me know if you have any good recipes. 

Speak soon 
L x