Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Being A House - The Most Stressful Thing You Will Ever Do!!

Well hello lovelies,

As you all know we recently bought our first house!! How exciting right?! Yes it is exciting but it was also the most stressful thing I have EVER done!!

To start with us buying this house was slightly different. Because we were already staying in it (we were renting it) when it came to buying it, it was a private sale. So the owner didn't need to put it on the market or but it through an agency. 

We had to scrap up £6250 for the house. Thank god we had our families. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't have got the money together. But we did. So it was mortgage looking time. 

We went and got our self a mortgage adviser and he went really and done most of the hard work in actually finding us the best deal. At the time it was with the Clydesdale Bank. Even that being the best deal it still worked out £591 a month!! 

Also another catch to this being a private sale, was the owner didn't need to value the property. So she asked for £125000 but didn't need to justify that. So we got our own evaluation done for £450. It turned out the house was worth bang on that amount. 

Getting a mortgage and evaluation doesn't happen over night. The owner was desperate for the money and I had to keep explaining that this all took time. We had to wait and see if the mortgage had been approved, we had to make sure we had enough money to pay for everything and we had to wait on appointments being made. 

Then we had a list of stuff to take to the bank i.e I.D, letters from my parents saying they were gifting us money, bank statements from them with the money in their bank and then statements from us with the money in our bank. Again this all took time. 

Then it all went quiet right up until the Monday before we were meant to be buying the house!! The solicitor phoned demanding I.D, letters from my parents and stuff to sign. This is when I got really stressed, why didn't we hear about this before 4 days before we were supposed to be signing for the house!! They were threatening us with not being able to sign on time, even though this wasn't our fault. 

All the way through this as well we have the owner phoning and threatening to pull the full deal as it wasn't going quick enough. I just thought what do these people want. We both work full time we can only hand stuff in and sign stuff once we have finished work. Plus with Mark and I working different hours (I'm day shift and Mark is back shift) it made it all a bit more difficult. 

Finally though we were able to buy the house on time and our first mortgage payment has just came out!! This opens up a lot of new things for us. We can decorate the full place now as we want it and don't need to worry about what anyone says, our monthly payments are now going towards our house rather than into someone else's pocket!! We can also possibly maybe think about extending our family and getting married!! 

Is the stress worth it. Definitely, but I would defiantly advise getting a financial adviser. They will sort all the insurances you will need and find the best deals for you. I would also recommend keeping on top of the solicitor making sure everything is on time and if there's anything you can sort out for them. That way it's not left to last minute. 

What was you experience of buying a house??

Speak soon 
L x

Sunday, 2 August 2015

DIY Phone Case

Hello loves!!

I love a good old DIY crafty project!

I seen this on the mumseyeview Chanel.

Phone case - Ebay
Brush - Asda
Glue - Hobbycraft
Paper - Clintons

All you need is a blank clear phone case of your choice. It can be hard or soft. I preferred the hard cases. Some decoupage glue, you can use any glue but it must dry clear. Paper of your choice. This is just wrapping paper from Clinton's. 

First you want do trace round your phone into the paper. Best to trace the phone and not the case or it will end up too big. 

Paint your chosen glue into the inside of the phone case. An stick your cut out phone trace onto the inside of the phone case. 

An voila!!
Your lovely 5 minute phone case!! 
You can now stick anything onto the front of it if you would like. 

Let me know if you try it and let me see it on Twitter @workingmumy #5minphonecase

Speak soon
L x

Friday, 31 July 2015

Potato And Leek Soup Recipe

Hello lovelies,

I love to make soup and today I'm going to make potato and leek :)

1 large leek or 2 small leeks
A spoonful of butter
4 large or 6 small potatoes
2 veg stock cubes (or which ever you prefer)

Add a spoon full of butter to a pan on a low heat and let it start to melt. 
Meanwhile start to chop up your leaks and add them to you pan, still on a low heat. 
Cook them until they go soft. Be careful not to burn them. They burn easily. 

Wash, peel and chop you potatoes. 

Boil the kettle and add to a measuring jug along with your stock cubes. 

Add the potatoes to the cooked leeks and add your stock 
Cook until the potatoes are soft enough to mash. I only have a medium pot. So mine only took 30 mins to cook. 

It's up to you if you want to mash it or blend it. I like to mash it so you still get small lumps. 


Let me know if you give it a try.
Speak soon 
L x

Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Importance Of Pet Insurance

Well hello lovelies,

Today I am going to talk to you all about pet insurance! 

This is something I learnt the hard way. I have always had pets ranging from rabbit and guinea pigs to lizards to cats and dogs. 

If something goes wrong, it's never small. It's always something huge!!

Some of the illnesses my animals have had are sludgy bladder, teeth problems, abscesses, tumours and mites. All of which cost a fortune. 

I have used three pet insurances 

I have recently learnt the hard way yet again (I like to revisit mistakes, just to make sure you know). 

Marvin my guinea pig that I got neutered and he got an abscess because of it and he's not insured!! For his full op and meds it will be about £250. For neutering it was £180, then going in and out for check ups and more meds was £100. If he was insured this could have been all claimed back!

It's important to also find the right cover for you as well. So I recommend a comparison web site like compare the market

The great thing about doing this on the internet is that sometimes they do a 10% off if bought online. Also it can be cheaper to put 2 pets on one policy. My rabbits are both on the same policy and its cheaper than having two separate policies. 

Let me know if you have used a pet insurance and which ones you liked. 

Speak soon 
L x

Monday, 27 July 2015

PoppyKittenDesigns On Etsy Review

Well hello lovelies!!

I recently went shopping on Etsy for a friends birthday and I found the most adorable neckless ever! I like it that much I am considering getting myself one too!!

How pretty is that!! This was bought from PoppyKittenDesign 

Here is her business card! 
Everything about this shop is great. Right from the quality of the product, fast delivery (I ordered this Thursday 23.07.15 and got it 25.07.15) and the value!! This neckless was only £6. 

This shop has lots of lovely animal jewellery like what I got and it has lots of lovely semi precious gem jewellery as well. 

I can't wait for pay day so I can go buy some pieces for myself!! 

I definitely think you should all go check it out. Great prices and great service. You can ask for much more!!

Speak soon 
L x

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Caring For Rabbits

Well hello loves,

I am by no means a rabbit expert. There are probably things i do with my rabbits that some people won't agree with. I simply just wanted to give a sort of guid line here. If you are thinking of getting rabbits. Please do as much research as possible. The more information you have the better you will be prepared.

The first thing I would advise for caring for any animal is that you think of the expense. Not only do you need to buy this animal and its home,  you also need to buy it food 2 or 3 times a month depending how much it eats, vet expenses, insurance expenses and the amount of time it take to care for it. 

I have had rabbits all my life and I will admit when I was younger, not all my rabbits were well cared for, as information on caring for them wasn't as ready available as it is now. 

When I first get my rabbits I always get 2. Rabbits live in groups and a single rabbit, if it doesn't have the correct environment,  can be a very lonely rabbit. Specially if you work all day and it's left on its own most of the time, they need company. 

Once they arrive I always insure them. I use pet plan. They are easy to use and easy to claim back from. Let's face it! Nothing that happens to a rabbit is ever small. Even getting their teeth blurred can cost £100 upwards. So it's best to have them insured!

You need to consider the size of cage. The bigger the better. Think of yourself, you need space to move. I would only recommend double story huts. Single story's just don't have enough space for rabbits. Basically the bigger the better.

This one was a home made one. My grandad built this for my rabbit Missy a few years back. But similar ones can be bought from pet stores. 

Their bed is also important. Rabbits like to sleep and hide in dark places as it makes them feel safe. Their bed area should be totally enclosed. In the summer months I fill it with hay. In the winter months it's filled with straw to keep them warm. It's important that in the winter it's straw as the it traps air and keeps them warm!! Hay won't do that!

They also need access to a run. Now my garden is fully in closed. So when I am in the house and I'm not going back out that day, I open up the cage and let them run the garden. If your garden isn't enclosed there is a lot of good runs like this BUNNY BUSINESS Rabbit/Guinea Enclosure  (see below for others). Again this is all money, you need to be prepared to spend a lot!

Cleaning out their beds is super important. You wouldn't want to sleep in a dirty bed and neither does your rabbit. Rabbits are clean animals and dirty bedding like with any animal can cause some major health issues. The most sever being fly strike!!

In the cold months I clean them out once a week. I clean the bits they pee in every day (even though they are litter trained, they have accidents). Litter trays are cleaned every 2 days. 

In the warm months when they are most likely to get fly strike they are cleaned fully twice a week and litter trays are cleaned every day! 

I feed my rabbits once a day. You should weigh your rabbits and figure out how much to feed them from that. I'm going to be honest I have never done that. I half full their bowl with pellets and fill the rest with veg, like celery, carrots and cabbage. Hay is also readily available for them 24/7. 

I use the pellets from Asda or Natures Touch from pets at home. I don't like muesli as they tend to just pick the bits out that they like, then they end up with deficiencies. Then I add hay to the bottom of the cage. Rabbits need continuous supply of hay. It helps keep their tummies moving and also helps keep there teeth short.

Grooming your rabbit is important even if it's not long haired. Rabbits constantly groom themselves and can easily get hair balls in their tummy from excess hair. It's important to remove as much as you can. When it's moulding time for my rabbits I brush them every day till I see a reduction in hair on the brush. After that I brush them once a week. 

This takes me to vet trips and vaccinations. It's important to have them vaccinated, then keep up with their yearly boosters. 6 month check ups is also important. This keeps on top of their teeth and weight. Your vet will clip their claws when every you think it's needed. You need to be prepared for to pay for any vet treatment needed. It's not fair to have your rabbit in pain. That's why it's important to have them insured! 

You need to remember rabbits don't like to be handled there for they aren't good pets for kids to be honest. Rabbits don't like to be up off the ground and struggle if not handled correctly. This can lead to injuries if they jump and fall, it can lead to spine damage. It's best to keep picking them up to a minimum. 

I think that's it. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to try answer them for you!! 

Here are photos of my rabbits 

The brown one is Crockett and the grey and white one is Thumper. 

Crockett is the male and Thumper is a female. I got Crockett neutered the min he was old enough with his brother at the time. Thumper was already spayed when I got her. It's important to have them spayed and neutered. One reason is it can stop fighting, spraying (trust me it's not nice to be sprayed by a rabbit) and it also stops aggression and possessiveness to an extent. An let's face it. There are enough unwanted rabbits with out us making more. 

Here are some useful site!
Speak soon 
L x

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Throw Back Thursday 23.07.15

Well hello lovelies

Here is today's throw back Thursday. 
To when Pickles was a proper baby cat!! This was the night I brought her home with us. Look at those ears!! I can say she has definitely grown into them hahaha. 

Speak soon loves
L x